Seaside Camping

The Adventuring Griggs



Welcome to our tiny life on wheels! You’re invited to come along with us as we travel, work, and navigate our alternative lifestyle out on the open road. This is where we share all our experiences, good or bad, with radical and refreshing honesty.

Meet the Adventurers


Nikki Griggs

Nikki is a writer at heart and a marketer by day. Recently, she re-discovered her love of illustration and designed a whole bunch of vanlife merch. You can usually find her watching a horror movie or planning a hike.


Alex Griggs

Alex is a musician and life coach with an album on Spotify and a wonderful new business. When not noodling on the guitar or working hard, he can be found reading the latest Luke Jensen novel or outside gathering firewood.


Lucy Gray

Lucy is a 3 year old Boxer, Rottweiler, pit bull mix who is very snuggly, gentle, and downright adorable. She loves chicken and cheese and soft places to sleep. If you say the word “walk” around her she will hold you to your word.


Olivia Vanson

Full name: Captain Olivia Vanson, Manhattan SVU. She may not be a house, but she’s a home. Olivia is a 2019 Ford Transit 350 extended 148 wheel base with rear-wheel drive and twin turbos coming from her EcoBoost feature. She’s a beast.