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Food in a Van, Fancy That

Updated: May 24

Eating is one of our main talents. So, it's only natural that we would rush to find ways to immediately ensure we are eating well in our new #tinykitchen.

Skillet over campfire with cooking vegetables
Nothing better than fresh veggies

We love food. Like, a lot. Admit it, you do too.

In the van, we are in a unique position of loving cooking and eating and wanting to be healthy (and sometimes unhealthy) but not having much space in which to prepare, make, and store meals and food. Usually, #vanlife means your fridge is tiny. Most #vanlifers and #buslifers don't have ovens, more than one burner, or a grill. This presents situations where one must be very creative if wanting to eat something that can only be made in a traditional kitchen.

Recipe Sharing

Despite all these hurdles, we are still passionate about food. As amateur #foodies living in a van, we want to share how we create tasty and healthy meals. We aren't professional chefs and we certainly don't have a gigantic kitchen so we're sure to make mistakes along the way.

One of the many reasons we settled on van life was to achieve our goals of living an active and healthy lifestyle. In Olivia, we are closer to nature and it's easier to access movement-based activities. On the other hand, our small kitchen often tempts us to eat out. Dishes pile up quickly in a 15" sink and food bits get everywhere. Having a stockpile of structured recipes that work for our space and timing needs helps combat the enticement of skipping the hard work.

Adjust your aprons, wash up, and come with us on this forthcoming food adventure. *Julia Child voice* #bonapetit!

Thanks for reading and see you out on the road!

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