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How to Find Water on the Road

Updated: May 27

It is the stuff of life, you know. Here are the 10 ways we find water while traveling out on the road.

Setting out on the road for the first time is generally exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. People (or as we fondly call them, “normies”) always ask the same questions whenever they see us living out of the van:

Where do you sleep/shower/poop/get power/get internet/get water?

Before you set out in the road, you better know the answers to these questions. As tiresome as answering these basic question may get, having the answers will let you sleep at night, wherever that may be.

Winery by a lake
Wineries and breweries found on the Harvest Host app are another great option

We’ve found in our travels that finding places to sleep is mostly easy, we have a bathroom and know how to find them, and we are generally autonomous. The one thing we can’t create or generate is water. As is with all things, the most important thing is the hardest to find. At first we scrambled too many times to find water in unfamiliar places without even knowing where to start. Fortunately, we’ve learned from out experiences.

If you are just starting your road journey I hope to impart some wisdom for you that was not left for me. Here are some of the many ways to find water on the road.

  1. Fire houses

  2. These buildings are technically owned by the public. You have every right to ask any fire house to use their bathrooms or water. Same goes for police stations

  3. Gas stations

  4. Attendants are usually friendly or apathetic to you using the water off to the side of the building. Some are locked in a weird box. We suggest you invest in a sillcock key to get around this

  5. Public bathrooms

  6. Again, that sillcock key will come in handy, we promise

  7. Lakes/rivers

  8. Big box stores usually have outdoor spigots for outdoor cleanup

  9. Purified water dispensers in a pinch

  10. Farms/ranches

  11. Small/family run shops

  12. Always be kind, ask first, and maybe make a small purchase from their store

  13. Parks

  14. Dog parks in particular are great

  15. Sekr

  16. When all else fails, use the ol’ standby! This app holds knowledge from all the other nomads that have come before you. If ye ask the crowd-sourced information, ye shall receive

We hope this helps answer the ”where do you get water?” question. Plus, now you can sleep well knowing you’re fully hydrated.

Stay thirsty, my friends.


Thanks for reading and see you out on the road!

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