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Perfect (Easy) Margaritas, Two Ways

Updated: May 24

Don’t use mix! These #margaritas aren’t hard to make and they are way better than anything you'll find prepackaged in the "drinks" aisle of the supermarket.

shot of tequila on old wooden table next to floral bouquet
When making this recipe, you're basically required to listen to the "Tequila" song, even if there is no tequila in your margaritas

The best thing about this drink #recipe is that all the ingredients can be reused elsewhere (#reduce, #reuse, #recycle, #Rihanna). When living that #vanlife, having multiple functions for everything is important because there isn't much storage for single use ingredients.

As with any of the beverages we create, this margarita will be #nonalcoholic. It’s completely the same as what I would do to make normal alcoholic "margs", but for a couple changes you can make on the fly depending on the cut of your jib. Hooray for #SailingJargon!

All that being said, the basics are the same. So, here we go:

Serves: 1 Calories: At this point, that's up to you


  • Lime juice, any store brand will work, just make sure it’s the 15oz bottle

  • Lemonade, this is important so get either Newman's Own or Trader Joe’s

  • Polar Orange Dry or Sanpellegrino Aranciata

  • Salt or sugar for the rim of your glass

  • Sliced lime

  • Simple syrup to take the edge off

  • Apple cider vinegar, the wild card

  • Cannabis oil of your choice, if you feel that kind of way

  • Tequila, Espolon is great for margaritas and budget-friendly. Don’t drink Jose. He’s never been good to you

  • Some dope glasses for the 'gram

  • Lots of ice

  • Cocktail shaker

  • An appetite for destruction

The basics of a standard margarita are lime juice, tequila, and triple sec. Because the ones we made are non-alcoholic, I’ve substituted the triple sec for the Polar Orange Dry/San Pellegrino Aranciata. These don’t bring as much sweetness as you’d get from a regular soda, nor the artificial flavoring.

To make scaling the recipe easy, we are going to go with ratios/fractions. That way you don’t have to worry about having the same sized things as I use. Use your serving glass as a reference, multiply by however many servings you are making… Math. The proportions will be for 1 serving:1 glass.

margarita on outdoor bar with cannabis oil
Don't forget, your buzz won't come on until at least an hour after you drink if you're using cannabis oil


  1. First things first: ice. No one wants to drink a warm margarita. The idea alone makes me sad. Fill your glass with ice, put it in the shaker

  2. Fill half your glass with lime juice and add to shaker. If you want it extra sour add more lime. I would recommend waiting until the end to try it before you do that

  3. You’ll need about a third of a glass of lemonade. The lemonade is here to stretch the lime juice, add some sweet citrus to the tart, and generally make it drinkable. Limes are tart. You can quote me on that

  4. Once you have the lemonade, fill the glass up to halfway with the orange soda or Sanpellegrino. You really don’t want too much, the orange should just blend into the background. Add them into the shaker

  5. You may have noticed that mathematically you now have too much liquid for your glass. Well that was a part of the plan because no one has ever been bummed out to have a little extra waiting for them

  6. If you drink tequila, add a modest shot to the shaker. You can have more than one drink. No need to ruin the flavor with too much booze

  7. If you don’t drink but still want that extra bite that you’d get from tequila, a quick dash of apple cider vinegar provides just that

  8. Add a droppersful of your CBD, THC, or other digestible oil, we used the "Feel Relaxed" tincture from the Feel Collection

  9. To keep things balanced, a quick squirt from the simple syrup. A little goes a long way

  10. Close the shaker (all the way, double check please) and give it a few jaunty turns. Don’t want to over melt the ice by shaking it too much

  11. Get your dope glass. Using a slice of lime, slide it around the rim of the glass. No need to squeeze it and get messy

  12. On a plate or surface of your choosing, pour out enough salt or sugar (or both) to them roll the lip of your glass upside down in the pile

  13. Add more ice to your glass, about half full, and pour your drink over the top

  14. Grab the rest of the lime you just cut and squeeze it over the top of your drink. Think Rocky and Apollo clasping hands on a sweaty beach. Now you’re officially marg’d

So, that's it! One way is a regular, alcoholic margarita and the other is our special THC marg. Let us know which one you are enjoying during the rest of your summer in the comments! And don’t forget, when you’re about to finish this glass, there’s still some left in the shaker for you. I got you like that.

Thanks for reading and see you out on the road!

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