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Welcome to the Adventure!

Updated: May 24

We're Nikki and Alex and we live in a van with our dog, Lucy Gray. We can't wait to share with you our life from the road; from where it all began to where we're going next

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Taking steps together into our future

What a difficult thing, to write one's first blog post. Truly, where to begin? Our names are Nikki and Alex and we don't like being normal. That's why, in June 2019, we bought a Ford Transit van to convert into our first #tinyhome on wheels.

Why #VanLife?

Well, if we're being honest, we used to be in over our heads with our financial situation. We had to unlearn what we thought we knew and then learn, painfully and from the ground up, how to move from just surviving to thriving. We were lucky enough to be guided by #DaveRamsey who is the master of tough love and getting average people out of debt.

While organizing our budgets, we started to organize our lives. Deciding between what we had and what we wanted, our priorities became immediately clear:

  1. We have no interest in ever paying for a place to live

  2. We do not want to have to choose between work and travel

  3. We love the challenge of being more actively involved in living

This is what brought us to going tiny. We wanted less of everything (space, things, debt) and more room for experiences. So, to make a long story short, we sold everything we owned and traded an apartment for a van.

Our Plans

Starting a blog to document our adventures from the road wasn't immediately at the top of our to do list. Throughout our #vanbuild we had our heads down, keeping our gaze focused on the construction and only that (spoiler alert: not a great way to live for 10 months). Now, with a heaping dose of perspective on the other side of it all, we realized how proud we are of what we've done. What better way to celebrate our achievements than by documenting the adventures we are able to have because of what we built?

So, that's our (current) plan! For as long as we are able, we hope to learn all that we can and grow in new ways on this path we've chosen. We're are so happy to bring you along with us on this exciting chapter and can't wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for reading and see you out on the road!

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