The definitive solar power and electrical theory "bible" containing everything you need to know behind the why behind installing electricity in your mobile tiny home

Everything About Vanlife Solar

  • What this is: This is the only book you need to fully understand electricity before building it into your van, bus, or hippie camper! It's taken me (Nikki) about a year to learn, understand, and synthesize everything you need to know about the theory behind what you are doing before you hit the road

    What you get: A 35-page e-book about solar power, electricity, and how it relates to mobile living. Includes several sections ranging from the history of electricity, a shopping list, and an extra credit detail section. Perfect for DIY-ers, newbies, or experienced van builders

    What this isn't: This is *not* an extensive build guide with detailed diagrams. I have included some necessary illustrations but this is about the concepts and theory behind what you're doing. If you can learn about the why behind the electrical components that need to go inside your vehicle, you will feel much more confident in tackling the set up and installation