This is your definitive guide for making it across this country on a road trip or in your full-time rig, all while eating gluten-free.

Gluten-Free Vanlife Guide

  • What this is: This is the only book on gluten-free eating you need before hitting the road. This is all about Alex's experience making it across the country while still making sure what he ate was safe and healthy for him

    What you get: A 21-page eBook all about eating gluten-free while traveling. Includes several sections, including a not-so-secret family recipe, meal planning worksheets, and amazing tips and tricks on navigating the gluten-free waters of any restaurant

    What this isn't: This is *not* a full recipe book or a totally all-encompassing gluten-free guide to every restaurant. This also has not been reviewed by a licensed nutritionist, doctor, or dietary specialist. Everything contained within this book is our opinion only

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